Berries, Fruits, and Nuts

At Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery in Sebastopol in western Sonoma County, we specialize in edible landscaping and support sustainable practices for gardening and agriculture throughout the wine country.   Our selection varies with the calendar, so check in frequently for new arrivals and seasonal offerings. Click here to view our list of Harmony grown Certified Organic vegetable starts.

Bare Root Season

The most popular time of year to find your favorites and best selection of fruit trees, nuts, and berries is “Bare Root season” This typically occurs during late fall or early spring when the trees are dormant, when the ground is too cold and the trees have shed their leaves. Here at Harmony, this runs from late December through mid-February, when we offer about 10,000 individual dormant fruit trees, edible shrubs and perennials spanning more than 150 varieties; some heirloom, others new. 

Why Bare Root?

You might consider buying a bare root tree for several reasons:

1. Cost-Effective: Bare root trees are often more affordable than potted or container-grown trees because they are easier and cheaper to produce and transport.
2. Healthier Roots: Bare root trees tend to have healthier root systems because their roots are not confined to a container, allowing them to establish more naturally when planted.
3. Seasonal Planting: Bare root trees are typically available during specific planting seasons when the trees are dormant. This ensures that you plant them when the conditions are optimal for root growth and establishment.
4. Wide Variety: Many tree species and cultivars are available as bare root, giving you a broad selection to choose from for your landscaping needs.
5. Easier Transport: Bare root trees are lightweight and easier to transport.
6. Faster Growth: Bare root trees often establish themselves more quickly in the ground because their roots adapt readily to the soil.

Additionally, many types of trees are only available to us during this time of year and once they are gone, we will not see them available until the following Bare root season.

Bareroot Planting Guide

  • Trees should be planted the day of purchase.
  • If this is not possible, trees should be “heeled in” (loose soil placed around the roots and kept moist).
  • Prune trees to increase chance of success and develop proper branching.
  • When planting keep soil level just above the roots.
  • Water trees thoroughly after planting.

Planting Needs Checklist

  • Compost (EB Stone, Malibu Bu’s Blend, etc.)
  • Starter Fertilizer (Sure Start, Mycos, Bio-live)
  • Gopher Basket
  • Tree Stakes & Tree Tie (if in a windy location)
  • Tree Trunk Paint (sunburn preventative)

Other items you may need

  • Shovel
  • Gloves
  • Pruning Shears
  • Deer Fencing
  • Dormant Spray

2022/23 Bare Root Catalog

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